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A photograph is the most personalized retail item available to consumers. Not only does Get The Picture Corporation work with our partners to provide the most innovative photography products, but we recognize the importance of customers leaving with a tangible impression of experience within our partners' venues. While maintaining the traditional paper print as our number one seller, we recognize the value in products such as a digital .jpg files that are shared an infinite amount of times on social media. We're constantly adding to our product portfolio to provide our partners with the most innovative photography product available.

Camelback Resort
Hershey's Chocolate World
Camelback Mountain Adventures
Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark
Day Out with Thomas
Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA
Greek Peak, Cortland, NY
Hershey Bears Hockey, Giant Center, Hershey, PA
The Hershey Company, Hershey, PA
HERSHEY'S Chocolate World
Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ
The JM Smuckers Company Store and Cafe
Spirit Mountain Resort, Duluth, MN
Steampunk Unlimited Event
Wisp Resort, McHenry, MD

Past Partners

New York Yankees (Legends Hospitality), New York, New York
Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk
Seaside Heights, NJ Boardwalk
Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA
The Hershey Story, Hershey, PA
Discovery Channel
Boyd's Bear Country, Gettysburg, PA

Partner Testimonials

GTP has been the exclusive photo op vendor at Dutch Wonderland for many years. While the quality of their products and service is important to our guests, as General Manager, I also value the professionalism of their management and the lack of issues we have to deal with. When developing partnerships I look for quality operators who are trustworthy, maintain high standards and support the goals and culture of our organization. GTP meets all of these requirements and I would highly recommend them to any company looking for a photo op partner!

Rick Stammel
General Manager
Dutch Wonderland

GTP is one of the most professional outfits we work with. What I like about them is that they fool around and have fun but when it comes to doing the job, they are all business. A pleasure to work with.

Linn W. Moedinger
President CMO
Strasburg Rail Road

"We have enjoyed a great partnership with GTP providing innovative photography products to our customers at all 3 of our 3 stores. They have been responsive to our requests and provide excellent customer service. They work closely with our operations teams to help us grow, with an aim to continue to improve profitability and provide win/win solutions."

Kent McDonald
Director Finance & Operations Retail
Hershey's Chocolate World North American Retail Division
Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.

GTP Corporation; a picture of success! GTP Corp has worked with Wisp for several years helping us allow our guests to capture and take home their memories. From shots of their little ones in Wisp Kids ski camp to year round shots screaming down our Mountain Coaster, GTP Corp keeps Wisp Photos online and up and running with their 24/7 support and fast turnaround with fixing technical issues and inventory shipment.

Eric Jacoby
Wisp Outdoors
Children's Programming Manager

SKUpics, LLC.


SKUpics, LLC is the sister company of GTP Corp. The high quality imaging services SKUpics provides are customizable and scalable; specifically we can integrate into your existing infrastructure to produce a seamless photography process. SKUpics can present a cost effective and time sensitive solution to photograph your entire product line. Our number one goal is to deliver high quality images ready for web or catalogue presentation, creating an immediate return on investment. We take pride in our photography and we understand that these images are part of your image!


SKUpics, LLC partnered with Google Express Shopping to provide images of grocery items for multiple grocery stores.

About GTP Corp

Focusing on the Fun
Based in Pennsylvania since 1987, Get the Picture Corporation (GTP Corp.) focuses on designing and operating state of the art digital photography systems for theme park, tourist, and retail industries. PerfectProduct is our newest system to date and it can function as a mobile or permanent system. This system is an interactive experience that allows customers to customize your known brand with their photo, text, and artwork.
Our dedicated staff has years of experience in all aspects of creating a successful personalized keepsake product. GTP Corp. takes pride in our versatility in management, hardware and software development, product design, graphic design, facilities design and integration.
Customer Focused
Our goal is to create the most uniquely personal memento of your customers through our advanced technology and photography. Not only is the customer at your location affected by these awesome mementos, but so are their friends and family as our technology allows for sharing on numerous social media platforms. Combining your extraordinary brand with our cutting edge technology is a home run!
Technology Focused
GTP Corp. develops all of our software in-house, which allows us to rapidly tailor systems to your specific needs and to develop innovative solutions for your specific application. We've created top of the line systems for amusement park rides, hand-held roaming photography, green screen scenes, set photography, and branded product photography.
Support Focused
GTP Corp is available 24/7 for technical, operational, and inventory support. We design our own software in-house and therefore our technology allows for our technical support team to remotely resolve issues via phone or online. However, if a solution requires a technician at your site, then we will be there.
Our management staff has collectively trained thousands of sales representatives and photographers. The online video knowledge base that we provide allows your team access not only to the simple "nuts and bolts" of the GTP Corp. system, but also the successful techniques and tips to get your team selling photos right away! We will work with you in person and online to get the level of training necessary for a profitable partnership!
We work directly with you to coordinate inventory consumables. This way, there is no need to deal with suppliers.

Our Team

Tony Sinkosky

Tony Sinkosky Email Tony

Tony Sinkosky, CEO & President, a founding partner of GTP Corp., has 37 years experience in photography and management. Tony earned a Political Science and Communications degree from Susquehanna University and continues to educate himself daily. He recently obtained a Digital Photography Certificate from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Tony enjoys tag-team grand parenting his two grandsons, Ben and Evan, with his wife of 41 years, Rose Ann. Tony favors seeing the world through the lens of his camera, which he claims to be "a magnificent and endless source of inspiration, discovery, and fascination." Finally, Tony spends his free time working on and motoring about in one of his antique MG's- vintage British sports cars that were originally designed to leak oil and breakdown at a somewhat predictable rate.

Bob Hench

Bob Hench Email Bob

Bob Hench, Executive Vice President has 39 years of experience in video production, photography, and software development. He studied Television and Film Production at Penn State University. Bob is a founding partner of GTP Corp. Oftentimes, Bob is in full camouflage taking photos of any birds that are willing to pose in their natural habitat.

Kyle Fink

Kyle Fink Email Kyle

Kyle Fink*, Vice President & COO, began working for the company in 1989. After serving in the United States Navy, Kyle returned to GTP Corp. in 1995. While serving in a variety of management positions, Kyle was instrumental in planning and guiding the successful expansion of the company. Kyle enjoys cooking, especially using the fresh produce from his backyard garden. He can also be found hiking and taking photos with his Nikon DSLR.

Seth Hollinger

Seth Hollinger Email Seth

Seth Hollinger*, General Manager, has worked full-time for the company since 1999 after earning degree in psychology from Mary Washington University. Seth has 15 years experience in operations and human resources. Outside of work, Seth enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Seth is known for his love of watching and playing sports with his two boys. He enjoys grilling and cooking for his family and friends.

Michael Shearer

Michael Shearer Email Michael

Michael Shearer*, Vice President - Systems & Engineering, started writing software for GTP Corp. while in high school in 1996. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Computer Engineering, Michael's contributions resulted in significant technical advances and efficiencies. He is currently the head of software development. Additionally, his roles include electronic design, system administration and has recently focused on enterprise-scale cloud deployments. Michael is the father of two children and enjoys climbing, caving, backpacking, biking, and beekeeping. He is involved in IEEE and IEEE CS. Michael is active on the WITF Community Advisory Board. Lastly, Michael has used his skills as a high ropes and instructor and trainer at Camp Swatara to install photo systems on numerous amusement park rides.

Chris Eichfeld

Chris Eichfeld Email Chris

Chris Eichfeld*, Director - Data, Systems & Facilities, joined GTP Corp. in 1996. While studying architecture and technology at Drexel University, Chris became a member of the full-time team. He designs and oversees the construction and maintenance of all facilities. He develops and maintains data systems architecture and reporting, along with developing frontend user interfaces. Chris volunteers on a wilderness search and rescue team and enjoys spending time with his family.

Kate Knox

Kate Knox Email Kate

Kate Knox*, Director of Creative Services & Corporate Communications, began working for GTP Corp. in 1996. She assumed full-time responsibilities as an operations manager after graduating from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a degree in art education. Kate continued her education by obtaining Certifications in Digital Design: Print, Digital Design: Web, and Social Media Marketing and Communications at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Versed in all media, Kate is responsible for creative communication. Her ideal free time includes reading on a quiet beach or taking a gander at artwork. She dreams of sketching new tattoo concepts while weight lifting, skating, or tasting craft beer. Finally, Kate enjoys shooting portraits of her friendly French Bulldog and her not-so-friendly feline.

Aaron Gish

Aaron Gish Email Aaron

Aaron Gish*, Senior Operations Manager, began working for the company in 1997. Aaron was a part time manager while earning his English degree from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Aaron became a full time manager in 2005. Aaron enjoys reading and writing, specifically fantasy and Sci Fi. He is an avid collector of comic books, gemstones, and minerals. Aaron can be found shooting nature with his Canon t2i Rebel.

Jackie Katsifis

Jackie Katsifis Email Jackie

Jackie Katsifis, Director of Business Development & Operations- Perfect Product, started with GTP Corp. in 2011. Jackie began as an operations manager and is now solely focused on Perfect Product. Jackie earned her Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus in History, Communications, and English at West Virginia University. Jackie is a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to rooting for her alma mater. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family.

Edwin Ruiz

Edwin Ruiz Email Edwin

Edwin Ruiz, Operations Manager, began working for GTP Corp. in 2010. Edwin has worked in numerous venues in the amusement park/retail photography industry for over a decade. Edwin began working at a mountain resort when he was sixteen years old, and now has come full circle as he works (in a different capacity) at that same venue. Edwin considers photography to be one of his biggest passions. He also enjoys sports, television/movies, and socializing with friends and family.

Adam Spangler

Adam Spangler

Adam Spangler, Development and Service Engineer, began doing project development work with GTP the summer after his freshman year at the Grove City College electrical engineering program. He continued to work with GTP as he completed his engineering degree and took on more complicated and extensive projects each summer. He graduated in May of 2015. Now, he is supporting and improving GTP's systems full time alongside the technical team. Adam loves to work at the intersection of hardware and software. He is fascinated by the subtleties of high-voltage and high-frequency electricity. He can usually be found soldering or programming in his "cave" at GTP, or carrying out one of the many plans that he and his wife, Jennifer, have for their 2-1/2 acre property.

Joanna Hulse

Joanna Hulse

Joanna Hulse*, Graphic Designer, began as a photographer for GTP Corp. in 2009. She graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and she began to do image editing for online fulfillment and video production for the ever-growing needs of GTP Corp. In addition to her GTP Corp. duties, she focuses on fine-tuning images and creating informational videos for SKUpics. Joanna enjoys reading fantasy novels and playing strategic board and card games. Luckily for her friends & coworkers, she enjoys baking cookies on a regular basis as well.

*Began as a seasonal employee in their teens and continue to have a daily role in the success of GTP Corp.

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