GTP Employees with an employee number:

You must login using your employee number as your username.
You can find your employee number on your most recent pay stub in the upper-left most box called Employee File # minus any leading zeros.


Employee File #

Your default password is your ten digit telephone number.

Primary telephone number listed in GTP's records:

(717) 555-1234

Note: Employees will have the ability to change their password. If you forget your password after you have changed it, contact to retrieve it.


GTP Employees and other users who do not have an employee number:

Your login information is created on a case by case basis.
If you need assistance please contact

VOLUNTEER GROUPS with a username and password:

You are attempting to login to the wrong area. You must first enter the fundraising section of the web site and click on the login link. Click here to go directly to the login page.