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Customer Focused

Our goal is to create the most uniquely personal memento of your customers through our advanced technology and photography. Not only is the customer at your location affected by these awesome mementos, but so are their friends and family as our technology allows for sharing on numerous social media platforms. Combining your extraordinary brand with our cutting edge technology is a home run!

Photography Products We Offer

Traditional Prints
Traditional Prints
Despite years of innovation in product packaging, digital delivery and advanced substrate printing techniques, print-based products are still our #1 seller. We offer a variety of print options including scope viewers, keychains, lanyards, themed prints (like a Speeding Ticket on an Antique Turnpike) and branded photo mounts.

Custom Photo Mattes, Mounts and Frames
Custom Photo Mattes, Mounts and Frames
Our graphics team will work with your creative services department to develop unique photo mattes, mounts and frames specific to your venue. We also create digital overlays on photo prints with a venue or amusement park ride logo along with the date of a guest's visit.

Product Packaging and Overwraps
While prints are still our #1 seller, our most talked-about products are our personalized products. PerfectProduct provides a one of a kind guest interaction by allowing them to customize your product with their photo, text, and artwork while maintaining your brand image and integrity. Printing is accomplished via a variety of methods including paper over-wraps, custom labels, case inserts and direct-to-product printing techniques. We've gone to market with personalized, boxes, bars, tins, cellphone cases, hockey pucks and many more unique items.

Laser Etching
Considered by many to be a premium product, we can etch a variety of materials including metal, stone and glass. We've even worked with a 3D laser crystal printer.
Digital Options & Social Sharing
Digital Options & Social Sharing
GTP Corp. skipped the CD and USB thumb-drive craze and went straight to online digital delivery in the early 2000's. Customer's love the convenience and immediate support we are able to provide using our cloud-based architecture. When a customer purchases a digital download, the customer is provided a 16 digit code and a website address on their receipt. The customer can visit the website, type in their code and download their photos. Not only can a customer download the digital .jpg files at this point, but they also have the option to purchase additional products that cannot be created immediately onsite, therefore adding an after-purchase revenue stream! Also, this allows customers to immediately share their photos via social media!

Customized Product Packaging (Before, During & After Visit)
Photo Pass
Before a customer visits your venue, we will work with your venue to create photography packages that a customer can pre-purchase online with their tickets, etc. This way, customers have prior knowledge of photography services available at your venue and can easily add their photos to their entrance ticket. Customers appreciate the convenience of an all inclusive package that includes their photos!
During a customer's visit we can offer a "Photo Pass" option that allows guests to receive an all-inclusive package of their photos throughout the day at your venue. For example, when a guest purchases a photo pass in an amusement park, they can collect all of their photos from each ride that has an automated photo system (we can package prints or digital .jpg files). We can offer variations of a "Photo Pass" like a One Day or Season Pass.
Lastly, we offer digital products that a customer can purchase after their visit using the photography information provided by GTP Corp. on the day of their visit. We direct the customers to a website and they can make additional purchases from their tablet or smartphone.


Tech Support
GTP Locations
We have operations from Nevada to the UAE. At least one GTP location is open at any given hour and 365 days of the year.
When we call a company, we expect immediate support, any time of day, every day of the year. We hold ourselves to the same standard by providing 24/7/365 support direct to your customers via e-mail ( and direct to your business via phone (267-448-4920). Developed by GTP, our advanced support call tree automatically routes support calls to the most qualified support tech and generates support tickets and reports for every call, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. We continuously monitor hundreds of data points on each of our systems, networks and servers. Our goal is to provide proactive support. In many cases we will identify and fix a problem before the on-site staff realizes there was an issue. Our secure remote access technology allows us to access our equipment from behind virtually any firewall. All of this technology was developed in-house by GTP specifically to support our operations.
Customer Support After Purchase
The digital download product we offer requires extra customer support after the sales transaction. Guests lose their receipts, can't find the website or just simply forget they purchased a digital product. This results in numerous emails from guests that need additional assistance. As a partner, GTP Corp. provides this customer service at no extra cost.
When a customer purchases a digital download, the customer is provided a 16 digit code and a website address on their receipt. The customer can visit the website, type in their code and download their photos.
Help Scout
We take great pride in our response quality and response time. GTP Corp partners with Help Scout, a virtual help desk, that allows all of our virtual customer service representatives to be on the same page and respond quickly and accurately. This increases our response workflow significantly so that all emails are taken care of as soon as possible.
May 1, 2012 - September 1, 2015 Virtual Customer Service Help Data:
  • 7,131: customers helped via email
  • 11,146: conversations
  • 60% of emails resolved on 1st reply
  • 25 hours: average resolution time
  • 4 min 15s: average handle time
  • 1.59: average number of replies to resolve
  • Monday: most emails (due to most guests visiting on weekends)
Photographer & Customer Service Training Support
GTP's philosophy is simple. Treat people the way you would like to be treated, provide superior guest service and sales will follow. GTP's highly effective G.U.E.S.T.S. 1st strategy is central to our success. This tested strategy explains how to initiate contact and establish a rapport with the guests at any venue. GTP basis it's customer service from this Strategy.
Our management staff has collectively trained thousands of sales representatives and photographers. The online video knowledge base that we provide allows your team access not only to the simple "nuts and bolts" of the GTP Corp. system, but also the successful techniques and tips to get your team selling photos right away! We will work with you in person and online to get the level of training necessary for a profitable partnership!
GTP Corp provides training, both on-site and online so that photographers know how to approach all guests at any given venue. Photographers are trained how to pose guests within the photo so that guests just can't pass up purchasing a well composed and well lit photograph!
Many of our employees have never used a DSLR camera until they work for GTP Corp. Photographers learn the "nuts and bolts" of the camera functionalities as part of their training. Photographers are also cross trained on the POS software and the basic photography system so that they can also sell the photos they've taken.

From our Customers

"Unbelievable. Received my photo in minutes after I emailed. Never had such great customer service ever!"

"I am so pleased that you were able to find the pictures I asked about. It is so great to have someone kind enough to give so much personalized attention. This is missing from today's customer service from other sources. Thank you again."

"Took but less than a few hours to get the photos I was looking for. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the photos I was looking for, so to get a link with all the photos I wanted so quickly was great. Thank you so much!"

"AMAZING Service! I lost my receipt and the team emailed me the picture that I purchased less than 24 hours after my request. They also responded to my inquiry email within 20 minutes! IMPRESSIVE!"

"Hyper-responsive and helpful. Thanks so much for your assistance!"

"This group found my pictures the next day, against all odds!!! Thank you, to a great team of people!!!"

"Fantastic because it was fast, polite, genuinely caring, and accurate. Thank you."

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Photo Support Team is. I really thought our photo would not be able to be recovered. They were so prompt in responding and resolving my issue-way to go!!!"

"WOW! Great service. Quick and exactly what I had hoped for! THANK YOU!"